Saturday, 17 October 2009

L'Hiver - Winter Scrap(K)it - Taster

Here's a taster of the latest Scrap(K)it I am working on:

L'Hiver - Winter scenes.

Rather than design a Christmas set I wanted to create something that is more versatile and will work for various religions and belief systems; seasonal, rather than Christmas-only.

So here's a taster of what's to come. The kit will include not just one set of five colour patterns but two sets of five colour-coordinated patterns. I've chosen ice cream colours with a 50s feel to the designs.

The second set is a play on snowflakes. The snowflakes themselves are brushes I created specifically for this kit. The colours in these more abstract/ornamental patterns coordinate with the patterns of the first set. This should make designing scrapbooking pages and greeting cards fun and easy.

The kit is not ready yet as I still have to do the transparency patterns, the frames and the stamps.

Feel free to send me suggestions of things you'd like to see in this or other kits.

I will also offer a Christmas pattern add-on kit that will be free with every purchase in November and December. Hopefully, by the end of October 2 kits will be ready for you to buy - either fromt his blog or from my new Etsy shop (when I've opened it, LOL).

Each kit will be around $12 (or £7.50).

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  1. Aww, the cute little penguins <3 What a great idea!