Thursday, 19 November 2009

Embellishment Scrap(K)it Sample

This is the first of the samples created using the embellishments from the new Embellishment Scrap(K)it.


1 colour pattern from the Papillion Scrap(K)it
1 frame from the Gothique Scrap(K)it
2 embellishments from the Embellishment Scrap(K)it
1 stamp from the L'Hiver Scrap(K)it
1 stamp from the Gothique Scrap(K)it

Plus a couple of textures which will be available with the Grunge Scrap(K)it soon. The Grunge Scrap(K)it will contain textures instead of patterns. Textures allow you to add depth and texture to your cards and help you make your own papers by mixing them with patterns and transparencies.

To see another sample, check out my tester's latest experiment... Promise, it will bring a smile to your face. :-)


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